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Non geographic calls: An overview
Non geographic calls are designated telephone numbers used in the United Kingdom, which are not allocated within a geographical boundary. These numbers are geographically independent of an area in United Kingdom. At the same time it can be defined as a fundamental number, connected with a particular country but not destined to a particular geographic location within that country. Numbers like 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 116 and 118 are generally being categorised as Non geographic numbers. They are widely in usage by various business houses, local government, and aid organization. Constitutional bodies have also made their presence felt when it comes to using Non geographic numbers. As of the current reports from the 13th July 2014 legislation is concerned, it has been assessed that the commercial domain is changing methodology of using non geographic numbers. The customers will have admission to basic rate phone numbers for the complete sales support rather than calling the more costly numbers. Based on the method of billing there are various types of non geographic numbers. A particular caller can pay the entire charge, or the charges can be shared. As of the typical rate is concerned it ranges from 4 to 10 pence per minute, in total.
There are several advantages of using Non-geographic numbers, which includes the rank of giving up a professional image, being highly portable along with increase of sales, call routing, monitor marketing and commercial continuity. As of the policy of OFCOM (Office Of Communication) is concerned the regulatory body has decided to put into practice some valued changes which is bound to make it much easier for the consumers to have the knowledge about the amount they are paying for a particular call and also gather knowledge about who is receiving the money. This particular process often termed as "unbundling". In a study relating to Non geographic numbers it has been shown traditional free phone numbers range has been 0800, however this particular number has been enhanced with 0500 range and 0808 follows the increased demand. Universally the free phone numbers are not free. As of the cost of Non geographic number is concerned, the particular cost depends on the prefix of the number called, not on the roll of the concluding objective. Calls which are made to freephone numbers are free from landline but are generally charged at a considerably high rate while one calls from a mobile. Calls made to other non geographic numbers like 0845 are charged at an ostensible rate.
Ofcom is constantly reviewing some other numbers which are in the range and determine how they should go about in the days to come. The number 055 is in usage by the commercial unit of the country whereas 056 are being used by Voice over Internet services and 070 are used for personal purpose. Gaining significant importance for commercial hubs of varied sizes ensuring the range of benefit has been one of the major achievements for non geographic numbers. Some of the benefits which have made things very flexible are diversion of calls to a particular destination on any land line or mobile number. Advertising a free phone number,this is free for customers, in order to uplift the sales and leads. At the same time it helps the particular customer to get in touch with business having a centralised national number.