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Frequently Asked Questions
You can put-forth your question relating to network, faults and other questions relating to broadband and line services in this section. Our professionals will revert back to you in quick time



On the invoice all our calls are itemised. In case of any urgency or any breakout please feel free to get in touch with us

You are requested to get in touch with us a month before your switch or leave and let us know the details of your switch or leave of the area two weeks before. You can get in touch with us or call us whenever you feel like.

To be specific there are two options firstly you can get the service of caller redirect along with a recorded message informing callers about your new numbers or as of the second option is concerned you can get remote call forwarding diverts call which makes its availability to the new number.

Time Related Charges are protocols which help in recovering the cost acquired when the engineers carry out their duty which are not yet being enclosed under the terms of openreach service.

Temporary call diversion is nothing but diversion of all calls to any other phone number for a temporary period of time

Temporary call diversion (TCD) is one of the facilities where a one can divert calls from your faulty lines to the concerned destination number of your choice until and unless the fault has been resolute.


If you are facing any fault relating to your telecom services you can call us our customer care service. Our managers are eagerly waiting to help you out 24/7.

Care Level   Repair Time
Level 1   Fault repaired with 3 working days
Level 2   Fault repaired within 48 Hours
Level 3   Fault repaired within 24 Hours
Level 4   Fault repaired within 6 Hours

No, since there is some legal protocol with ofcom they are committed in providing equal level of facility to all BT customers

Yes, but it must made clear that you will be charged for the diverted portion of any call at the optimal rate

If the fault is in the line/network then there is no charge. If the fault is found within the End-Users property(e.g. – Wiring/Equipment) then this is chargeable. (£130 + VAT)

No, since all suppliers are put to same point concurrence with BT openreach


The broadband products those are available are broadband standard, broadband plus and broadband unlimited.


The minimum contract length is for 24 month

The features which are available are number selection, call divert, call minder ect

Unlimited Calls – 5000 minutes
Unlimited Data – 100 GB

Yes one can order more than one broadband connection

No, since the broadband cannot go live at any time up till midnight on the day of agreement

No, since the date is agreed as being provided by BT openreach to be completed for the physical work at any exchange and thereby cannot be changed

No, but the server's used by Zoom Telecom can be used as an option in order to send mail

The service contract period for a particular router is one year

No, but if you are going for an IT maintenance then you are sure to get service

Password is generally provided at the back of the router

If the broadband service you are using is with Zoom Telecom then all connections are to be supplied with a single static IP

The outgoing mail server is the SMTP.

We provide optimal broadband speed that the phone lines will support with reliability. The speed you are getting depends on numerous factors like quality of the phone and length of the line that lies between your business area and local phone exchange

Our skilled engineers will let you know about its access while installing the service

As of the basics is concerned you need to click on the repair button and secondly you need to go to the control panel when the network icon is not being displayed in the noticed area
1. Restart your computer
2. Restart your router
3. Use alternative ADSL filters (if possible)
4. Use alternative router (if possible)
5. Close any software on your computer which uses the connection including games, peer-to-peer software, email programmes, messenger programmes and WebPages.


You can go through the welcome pack of our package which clearly indicates about the downtime transfer of services.

As advised by us that if the fault is not affecting the voice side of a line at the same time affecting the broadband then you must refer to your broadband provider. The particular provider does have the ability to arrange for BT openreach engineer.

It means the line is ok. If you see the light is off then it is indicating a possible network fault. In the other case the flash means there is a system failure

Care Level Repair Time Price
Level 1 Fault repaired with 3 working days Free
Level 2 Fault repaired within 48 Hours 2.00 per month per line
Level 3 Fault repaired within 24 Hours 4.50 per month per line
Level 4 Fault repaired within 6 Hours 5.00 per month per line

In combination with the Zoom Telecom team it is advised to use 1280 as prefix, what it does it allows to make calls until the particular error is corrected.

You can remove everything from the master socket and plug it in a standard wired analogue phone. If there is doubt regarding extensions running from this socket, it is a possibility to remove these from the equation