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Zoom Telecom has been instrumental in making a positive impact among the small and medium sized businesses.
Merchant Services
Our Merchant service facilities are intended towards a better commercial practice which enables your payment through our secured card processing methodology.
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Online Security
Your business deserves the best protection for modern business. Our European partners are pioneers in security and data protection. F-Secure has won the Best Protection award from AV-TEST four years in a row now, so you can rest easy about business security and just focus on your own core business.
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Please call us on : 0203 039 3910
Benefits :
Comprehensive security and privacy. Ideal for small and medium businesses.

Across the board protection. Cover your users, devices, data, documents, media and communication.

Reliable. Your business data stays private and safe, no matter where and when you work
Powerful proactive protection. Peace of mind from dealing with security issues.

Innovative and easy-to-use. User centric and task-oriented user interface.

Known for quality. Award-winning technologies recognized by independent 3rd party institutions.
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Care Level
For your peace of mind, we provide care levels for your phone lines in case you lose your service. Our Level 1 care plan is Free and guarantees that any issues with your phone line are resolved within 3 days. But if your business is heavily reliant on the phone then we provide quicker time responses.
Care Level Repair Time Price
Level 1 Fault repaired with 3 working days Free
Level 2 Fault repaired within 48 Hours 2.00 per month per line
Level 3 Fault repaired within 24 Hours 4.50 per month per line
Level 4 Fault repaired within 6 Hours 5.00 per month per line
Mobile Minutes
Choose our flexible range of mobile minutes bolted on to your phone line to suit the way you talk to your business customers and suppliers
Mobile Mins Price
100 mobile minutes £2.99
200 mobile minutes £5.99
300 mobile minutes £7.99
Please call us on : 0203 039 3910